Phoenix Boys V Lax Tops Kents Hill 11-3

Hyde: 11
Kents Hill: 3

On Wednesday April 29th the Phoenix hosted its third league game against Kents Hill at home. The overcast day set an ominous tone for the boys in blue. Recent transgressions with ethics and the struggle with finding ones conscience lead the team with holes in many areas around the field. When the boys took to the field for their 2pm game they suited enough players to take the field, plus one substitute.

Stepping up huge for the team with the absence of 3 key players going to Nashville for the week, was Andrew Davis (’15) who found his roots back at goalie for the day. He captured 17 saves when all was said and done and 8 of those were found in the second quarter. Jesse Higgins (’16) lead the defense for the day nabbing 8 goundballs and keeping the other poles on their toes. Ryan Moran (’15) came down off the midfield line and helped out with keeping the opposition at bay and did a great job with the two slide. Issac Higgins (’15) easily had his best game on the season shutting down his attackmen with great footwork and checks.

With only one sub between the midfielders and attack all 7 guys played offense and defense today. The name of the game was twofold: long possessions to help give everyone adequate rest and playing head smart. Captain Aidan Sperry (’15) and Shemar Jack (’16) were critical in the transition game with lose groundballs. Poise from Mike Harris (’15) helped the guys make intelligent decisions on shot selections. Hustle from Dylan Budd (’16) being the only guy off the bench gave others on the team short rests. Quick ball movement from Greg Kidger (’17) kept Kents Hill on their toes and made it easier to find guys open on the crease. A final shout out also goes to Aidan Bristow (’16) who came over midfield more than once to help with defensive transitions.

Although the team was hurting with numbers they didn’t let that slow them down. They remained confident and upbeat about getting the win with the guys who walked on the field that day. At the final buzzer the score read 11-3 and another league win for the Phoenix. Next matchup comes Friday May 1st at Hebron where they seek to grab another league game.