Wolfpack Tennis vs Hyde-Bath

Hyde-CT              2
Hyde-ME             5

Saturday, Hyde-Woodstock Tennis hosted Hyde-Bath at the Bradley Courts in Woodstock. The Wolfpack worked hard but lost  2-5 against a stronger Hyde-Bath team. Despite the loss, our team put good effort into their matches.

Our No.1 single seed, Kevin Ge lost 6-8 in a close matchup. He was ahead 4-2 at the beginning of the match, hitting several aces and controlling the ball  well. Richard Tang, our second seed, played hard and consistently but ultimately lost 2-8 against his Bath opponent.  Aaron Cao won his match 8-5 with fluid strokes and good focus. And despite accurate shots and penetrating serves, our fourth single Clement Hong lost his match with a score of 5-8.

In doubles our first (undefeated)  team Thomas Schilling and George Sawchuck won their match 8-1. With powerful groundstrokes and solid teamwork, their skills continue to improve. In the toughest match of the day, Allegra Weterring and King Jin lost 6-8 to their Bath counterparts. Allegra played through pain and held up well, and King had  some great volleys. In the final matchup of the day, Simon Gong and Cameron Yale fell 4-8 to the Phoenix.

Written by Angel Sima