Phoenix BV Lax Pushes Past MTA 15-7

The Phoenix finished their 5th game Monday at home in only 7 days. Finally the date on the calendar seemed to reflect the season and spring had finally graced the boys’ presence on the field. Exhausted and ready for a well-deserved break they maintained their composure and set to warming up in a serious manner for their matchup against the Mount Ararat Eagles.

Tone was set early off a great cut from senior captain Adian Sperry (’15) who put home the first goal. The attack squad collectively scored 7 goals with special shout out to our lone lefty Greg Kidger (’17) who scored his first two on the season. Another tip of the hat goes to Max Kaplan (’15) who took the field and also found his first goal. The midfield was also strengthened by the standout play of the groundball leader for the match Sam Zanta (’15) with 8 and Decker Adelman (’15) who put away two goals.

Defensively, newly appointed captain Andrew Davis (’15) lead the poles in keeping MTA from overwhelming net minder Noah Horning (’15) who capped the day with 10 saves. The Eagles attempted a late comeback taxing our midfielders with constant movement and putting a few in the net, but at the end of the game the Phoenix came away with a 15-7 victory. Next competition is Friday when the boys head down to our sister school Woodstock.