Songwriters Showcase in the Chocolate Church

On Saturday, April 4, a large cluster of Hyde School students and faculty filed into the vast auditorium of the Chocolate Church in downtown Bath. Beneath the brightly lit stage a collection of vocalists, guitarists, trumpeters, bassists, drummers, rappers, and harmonizers sang quietly, nervously running their fingers over their instruments, preparing to perform songs they had spent the past week writing, rehearsing, and recording.

This performance was the culmination of a four-day workshop in which 17 students, 4 songwriters, 2 college musicians, and 2 faculty members came together to create a brand new collection of independent music. Each day, the group gathered in the Family Renewal Center and delved a little bit deeper in the song writing process.

  • Day 1, students brainstormed, rifling through literature and magazines as they took on the challenge of concocting lyrics for their budding pieces
  • Day 2, students added on instruments, testing out chords that might merge with their words
  • Day 3, students collaborated, seeking to find the right balance and harmony for their songs as they added instruments, edited lyrics, and finalized the arc of their work.

Then, after recording several of their songs on Friday night, the students prepared for the final stage of the process – performing in front of a sizable audience of peers, faculty, and members of the Bath community.

After long days of preparation and a whirlwind of rehearsals, changes, and last minute adjustments, one by one the young songwriters stepped onto the stage with confidence and shared their music. It was truly a memorable experience, and countless audience members reached out, moved by what they had seen in these brave performers. Once again, songwriters proved a memorable occasion for both the audience and performers.

>>Read the Coastal Journal article “Chocolate Church hosts Hyde student songwriter showcase” (PDF)

Student Demos: