Wolfpack Track & Field vs Wheeler, Moses Brown, Bancroft

Hyde versus Wheeler, Moses Brown, and Bancroft
April 15, 2015
Final Scores                                                        Boys
Moses Brown                                                    133
Hyde Woodstock                                             57
Wheeler                                                              45
Bancroft                                                               10

Final Scores                                                        Girls
Moses Brown                                                    81
Bancroft                                                               65
Wheeler                                                              42
Hyde Woodstock                                             25

On Wednesday, April 15, 2015, Hyde-Woodstock Track & Field traveled to the Wheeler Farm to participate in a quad meet again Wheeler, Moses Brown, and Bancroft.  It was a beautiful spring day with not a cloud in the sky as the team warmed up and stretched on actual green grass.  Overall most athletes made significant improvements on marks set at the previous meet.

The boy’s field team opened early with strong throwing effort from Leonard Moore ’15 who putted the shot 40’ 2” for a second place finish.  He was supported with solid work by Kevin Wang ’16 who added a few inches to his personal best with a throw of 34’ 5” and a fourth place finish.  Moore also gained points in the javelin with a fourth place throw of 90’ 6”.  The sand pits found Peter Yang ’17 earning second place points in both Long Jump (18’ 7.75”) and Triple Jump (35’ 6.5”) and coaching fellow athletes through some of their attempts.  Eamon Joyce ’16 also brought home first place points in the High Jump at 5’ 8”.  Great effort and improvement was also seen from Victor Wright ’16 (shot put) and Jason Zheng ’16 (discus).

The boys also gave their all in running events with points earned by many.  Harrison Horner ’15 filled his plate with the 4×100 Relay, 110 HH (2nd place), High Jump, and 4 x 400 Relay.  His opening 400 in the latter event helped set a great pace for the 1600 relay.  Despite feeling Monday’s hill workout, senior Jesse McKiernan earned second place with a 2:12 800m.  In the 1500m, Sam Song ’18 and Corban Basile ’18 (5th place) pushed themselves.  Basile also earned first place points in the 3000m before jumping into the third leg of the 4×400 relay.  Alan Lin ’16 demonstrated a great attitude when he agreed to join the 4×400 relay team having already put his best into the 400m (5th) and Long Jump.  Other boys who put forth strong work include Ryan Zwick ’15 for his effort in 100m and 200m races and Markus Rhyner ’16 who competed in jumps and sprints.
For the girls team all athletes showed significant improvement in form, attitude, and performance.  Dossou Ndiaye ’15 led the team in points with her first place javelin and shot put throws, as well as a second place 300 intermediate hurdle run.  Sophomore Alexis Bourgoin led the team in spirit and effort as she ran hurdles, 1500m, and competed in the High Jump.   Mandy Yang ’15 performed well in both the 1500 and 3000 meter races.  Freshman Tori Luo work hard in both of her sprint races.  A number of the other girls continued to demonstrate their positive learning attitude as they worked to improve their technique.

The team is excited for Spring Family Weekend and its first home meet this coming Saturday, the 18th where we will go up against our sister school from Bath, ME and Providence Country Day.