Hard Working Phoenix Girls Varsity Lax Fall to Fryeburg 7-8

The girls Varsity Lacrosse team faced off against Fryeburg Academy this past Monday, April 6th.  Moral was high as these young athletes have been working diligently six out of seven weekdays since returning from March break.  Coach Truluck remarked on the improvement and potential his young squad held for the 2015 season.  Emma Levensohn ’17 had the following to say upon reflecting on her team’s performance:
“Middies worked extremely well together, considering it was our first match, synergy was apparent amongst the offense, and the defense demonstrated immense growth since preseason.”

The first half contained back to back goals made on each side of the field, the Lady Phoenix kicking things off with a drive to the net by Levensohn within the first three minutes.  Alex Bassinger ’17 was also a huge presence on the attack, as she facilitated the transitions and created many opportunities for her teammates to make shots on goal.  Freshmen Merrill Truluck ’18 was a fierce competitor and walked away with an assist and goal.  Jill Tolman ’17 dominated the midfield and 50/50 balls, allowing Hyde to maintain possession.  Defenders Kelsey Talbutt ’16, Sara Feldman ’16, and Kristine Bailey ’16 were a forced to be reckoned with in their implementation of the “zone” defense.

The Lady Phoenix will be committed to working hard until their next match on April 17th away against Marianapolis Prep.