Wolfpack Girls Varsity vs Lincoln, Williams, Southfield

Hyde-Woodstock Girls Varsity Basketball vs. Southfield

Hyde-Woodstock – 41
Southfield – 54

Hyde played Southfield in one of three remaining home games of the season.  The team had its most balanced scoring attack of the season but came up short in the end.  PG Trayneice Mims was back in action and led all scorers with 22 points including 4 three pointers.  The defense had trouble stopping their well-balanced offensive.  The combination of senior Dossou Ndiaye and Trayneice Mims was fun to watch from end to end.  Hyde plays Williams on Wednesday.

The scoring was as follows; Trayneice Mims 9-0-22, Nuri Harris 1-0-2, Dossou Ndiaye 4-3-12, Joanna Ren 1-0-2, Annika Morris 1-0-3
Played but did not score; Joyce Zhang, Tina She, Cameron Yale

Hyde-Woodstock Girls Varsity Basketball vs. Williams

Hyde-Woodstock – 44
Williams – 23

Hyde played in a league match-up vs. Williams.  Once again the duo of Dossou Ndiaye and Trayneice Mims combined for all but two of the team’s points.  Cameron Yale, a freshman, had an outstanding rebounding game.  Hyde was solidly in the lead at halftime leading Williams 22 to 7.  The team employed their press which effectively disrupted Williams ability to bring the ball up court.  Hyde secured the win.  The team plays Lincoln on Saturday.

Hyde-Woodstock Girls Varsity Basketball vs. Lincoln

Hyde-Woodstock – 15
Lincoln – 54

Hyde traveled to Providence Rhode Island in a make-up game against powerhouse Lincoln.  The team was once again without the skills of PG Trayneice Mims but in spite of that they worked hard and their improvement was evident.  Freshman Cameron Yale had her best game defensively and also rebounded well.  Junior Maya Steindler improved her confidence as the stand in point guard which can be difficult.  She also scored 4 points, a season high for her.  Dossou Ndiaye worked hard in leading the team and being an offensive threat.  Hyde has improved their ability to move the ball on offense as well as their defensive toughness.  Hyde plays Marianapolis on Monday in their final regular season game.

Scoring was as follows; Dossou Ndiaye 4-1-9, Maya Steindler 1-2-4, Cameron Yale 1-0-2
Played but did not score; Annika Morris, Joanna Ren, Tina She, Joyce Zhang


Coach Bertschy