Three Wins for Wolfpack Boys Varsity vs Dexter, Hebron, Kent’s Hill

Hyde: 70
Dexter: 49

Hyde Defeats Dexter Away
Hyde School traveled to Brookline, Massachusetts to take on Dexter School, in what was to be one of the last games of the season and contributed a lot to the Class C play-off placement.
Right from the start, Hyde was able to come out strong and build a sturdy lead pushing the tempo led by Dexter Thompson ‘15, who had 6 first half points and a couple of highlight worthy plays. Damon Gomes ’15, kept the transition play on point and controlled the offense, which lead to him having 6 points and 8 assists in the first half. Dexter was able to make a couple of small runs, but it was anything for Hyde to worry about. At the end of the first half, Hyde was up 32-22.
In the second half, Hyde was able to double their 10 point lead pretty much right from the start. Damon Gomes created a lot more points for himself and had 15 points in the second half, but also still creating for his teammates, having 6 assists. Dexter Thompson elevated for a few really impressive dunks, drawing cheers from the bench and the sidelines as well.
Damon Gomes finished with 21 points, Dexter Thompson had 18 and Eamonn Joyce Jr., had 13 points. It was a sturdy win and Hyde made a statement by the wide margin win.

Hyde: 78
Hebron: 40

Hyde Dominates Hebron on Senior Night
The Hyde Wolfpack hosted Hebron Academy on Senior Night, which changed the line-up, starting just seniors instead of the usual couple of underclassmen. In the early minutes of the game, Hebron Academy was able to stay close in the game, before Hyde took a commanding lead and finished at the end of the first half with a 44-22 lead going into halftime.
At halftime, Hyde honored their seniors Damon Gomes, Dexter Thompson, Harrison Smith, Jack Payne, Harrison Horner and Jason Zhao. All seniors scored that night, led by Dexter Thompson who had 22, Damon Gomes who had 18 and Harrison Smith, who had 9. Hyde was able to extend their large first half lead and eventually win by 38 points, 78-40.
Eamonn Joyce Jr. ’16 had 7 points, and contributed with many rebounds.

Hyde: 76
Kent’s Hill: 64

Hyde Wins Fourth Game In 5 Days,  Ends Season on 5 Game Winning Streak
Hyde had their last game of the season Kent’s Hill, a pesky team that outhustles almost everyone they go up against. It was a grueling stretch for the Wolfpack, as they were playing their fourth game in 5 days, and that showed against Hyde. At the end of the first half, Hyde was up 35-34. Damon Gomes ’15 had 18 points in the first half, getting to the free throw line at will, and made 8-9. Dexter Thompson was also very aggressive in the first half and had 18 in the first half.
Going into the second half, Hyde hoped to get more contributions from their full team, and they did. Jack Payne ’15 had 5 in the second half and Khalil Johnson ’17 had 3. Hyde was able to extend and maintain their lead, and they won 76-64.
Damon Gomes finished with 29, Dexter Thompson with 23 and Eamonn Joyce Jr., with 13.

Chris Baldwin ‘16