Wolfpack Boys Varsity Taks Off in Second Half vs PCD, MPS

Hyde: 76

PCD: 65

Hyde Pulls Away Late For Victory
Hyde Boys Varsity Basketball hosted Providence Country Day, a game that would count towards their playoff push.

In the first half, Hyde struggled to grab an early lead, as PCD was playing with energy and out-hustling Hyde. Thanks to relentless attacking and smart playing by Damon Gomes ’15 Hyde was able stay close to PCD and pull through with a small lead at the end of the first half.

In the second half, Hyde played with more energy, and that was shown by Dexter Thompson ’15 who caught a couple of alley oops from Damon Gomes, as well as a couple fast break dunks of his own, which kept the crowd in the game. Late in the game especially, Hyde was able to hit several big shots that gave them a much bigger advantage over PCD and they pulled out with a 76-65 win.

Hyde was led by Damon Gomes who had 23 points, many assists, as well as playing the lanes and catching a couple of steals.

Dexter Thompson had 20 points, highlighted by a handful of dunks.

Eamonn Joyce Jr. ’16 had 18 points, and was on fire from mid range.

Hyde: 66

Marianapolis: 65

Hyde beats AA Opponent Marianapolis

Hyde Boys Varsity Basketball traveled 20 minutes to take on Marianapolis, a team that was several classes higher than Hyde. Going into the game, they knew it was going to be a challenge, and they certainly looked ready to take it on.

In the first half, Hyde was consistently down, but managed to hit enough shots to keep the game within a couple of possessions. Eamonn Joyce Jr. ’16 was on fire from mid-range all game, but was especially strong in the first half contributing 11 points. At the end of the first half Hyde was down 37-33.

From the beginning of the second half, you could tell you were looking at a much different team. Hyde came out stronger and smarter, and played more collectively as a whole.
Damon Gomes ’15 was on fire the entire second half, hitting three 3-pointers and attacking the basket strong. Dexter Thompson ’15 and Eamonn Joyce Jr. were also hitting their free throws. Hyde was able to squeak by Marianapolis with some big shots and beat them 66-65.

Eamonn Joyce Jr. finished with 20 points, Damon Gomes with 17 and Dexter Thompson with 16.

It was one of the bigger games of the season against a good team, and Hyde showed their ability to step up and play even during the big moments.

Chris Baldwin ’16