Wolfpack Varsity Boys Take on Wheeler, St. Andrew’s, Winchenden

Hyde: 59

Wheeler: 61

Hyde Loses Control of Game Late to Wheeler
Hyde Wolfpack hosted Wheeler School on February, 11th. Hyde had previously beat Wheeler at their school by 5, so coming into the game the team was confident and feeling good about coming out with a victory.

From the start of the game, Hyde didn’t necessarily have control of the game, but was able to maintain a small lead. Dexter Thompson ’15 was able to consistently make shots and give the Wolfpack a minimal advantage in the first half. Eamonn Joyce Jr. ’16 didn’t score many points in the entire game, but used his size to intimidate the opposition on the defensive end, blocking shots and grabbing many rebounds. Despite Hyde’s clear physical and athletic advantage, they went into halftime with a small lead.

In the second half, Hyde looked to increase their intensity and overall energy, hoping it would lead them to a solid win. However, Wheeler was able to hit shot after shot, and that helped them stay in the game late.
Damon Gomes ’15 was able to create his own offense in the second half, and create for others. Unfortunately, his efforts weren’t enough as Wheeler was able to hit all of the necessary shots to carry them to a small victory, 61-59.

It was an extremely difficult loss, especially since Hyde had beat this team before.
The Wolfpack aren’t going to hang their heads though, this loss is just motivation to come back stronger on Friday against a feisty Providence Country Day at 7pm.
It would be greatly appreciated if everyone was able to come to that game and show their support.

Hyde: 56

St. Andrews: 49

Hyde Pulls Away in Closer Than Expected Game

Hyde Men’s Varsity Basketball hit the road to take on St. Andrews’ Varsity 2 team, an opponent the Wolfpack beat by over 30 in the first game of the season. It was a game Hyde knew they were going to win, and that set up an opportunity for the younger players to get many minutes and offer contributions. In the first half, Hyde played mostly their starters, mixed with a few of the younger players. Eamonn Joyce Jr. ‘16 went scoreless in the entire game, but was able to make very strong contributions defensively, blocking many shots and controlling the paint. Damon Gomes ‘15 finished the game with 4 points, as he was able to change his aggressive scoring approach to the game and give his teammates many opportunities. In limited minutes, Gomes finished with many assists. Hyde was able to build a solid 20 point lead going into halftime, clearly controlling the game.

For most of the second half, Hyde stayed passive on offense, keying into their defense and giving players who don’t get to play as much an opportunity to showcase their progress. Kris Carroll ‘16 played most of the game, and had an opportunity to consistently bring the ball up the court instead of playing his usual 2 guard position. Carroll finished the game with 10 points, and showed a bit of improvement with his communication as he took over the offense. Khalil Johnson ‘17 showed improvement with his aggressiveness, making a nice drive to the lane and finishing with a pretty lay-up. Late in the game, St. Andrews made a really strong run due to Hyde’s mistakes. They stole several inbounds passes in a row, scoring on every single one of them. They cut Hyde’s lead to 7, playing with energy and clearly wanting the win much more. Hyde’s Big Three of Damon Gomes, Dexter Thompson and Eamonn Joyce had to come back in the game late to close it out. They did what they needed to, hitting their free throws and playing tough defense to carry the team to a win.

This was a difficult game where Hyde wasn’t really up to playing because of the quality of opponent. It was definitely closer than Hyde expected and wanted, but nonetheless, they were able to pull out a win. The younger players who are going to be the leaders of the team in the coming years were able to get in minutes and improve their game. Their next game is Wednesday, February 11th against a tough team in Wheeler. They will be ready for that game, and hope to see a lot of support on the sidelines.

Hyde: 73

Winchendon: 48

Wolfpack Take Down Winchendon at Home

Hyde Men’s Varsity Basketball hosted Class C opponent Winchendon. Fresh off a tough loss against Green Farms Academy, the Wolfpack were looking to get a strong win and help increase their playoff chances.

Right from the tip off, Hyde came out strong and made it very clear who the better team was. Playing with energy, focus, and strong teamwork, they were able to build up a massive lead in the first half.
Eamonn Joyce Jr. ’16 put up 19 points in the first half, highlighted by two strong dunks and several three pointers.

In the second half, the story was the same. The Wolfpack were able to maintain an incredible lead. The highlight of the game and the perfect display of Hyde’s dominance was when Damon Gomes ’15 blocked a shot, got his rebound, and drove down the court making a perfect pass to Dexter Thompson ’15 for an insane alley oop. At that point, the game was pretty much over.
Eamonn Joyce Jr. led all scorers with 24 points.
Dexter Thompson had 22 points.
Damon Gomes had 14 points and his usual 7+ assists.

It was a very dominant win that was big for the teams overall confidence.

Chris Baldwin ‘16