Wolfpack Varsity Boys Lose To Green Farms In Nailbiter 64-68

Hyde: 64
Green Farms Academy: 68

Hyde Varsity Basketball traveled to Westport, CT to take on Class C rival Green Farms in was what surely going to be a very competitive and difficult game. It was an all school event for them, giving them a strong advantage.

Right from tip-off, Green Farms came out with more energy, clearly feeding off of their crowd. They jumped out and scored a few quick buckets, although solid contribution from guard Jack Payne ’15 on both offense and defense kept Hyde within 10-15 points all of the first half. He hit an early three, was able to get a lay-up in transition, and even blocked a couple of shots. At the half, Green Farms was up by double digits.

Right at the start of the second half, Hyde came out with impressive focus and hustle, holding Green Farms scoreless for the first three minutes of the second half. Hyde was able to stay even with Green Farms throughout all of the half, highlighted by some spectacular plays by Dexter Thompson ’15. On one possession, the shot clock was about to expire and Thompson put up a runner from half court that went in, leaving the entire gym stunned. He had 21 points in the second half, making shot after shot.
Hyde had a 5 point lead in the last two minutes, although foul trouble led to Green Farms taking and making an extremely high percentage of their free throws. This carried them to a 4 point lead and they won off of that.
Other standout performances were Damon Gomes ’15 who had 14 points and several assists, as well as Kris Carroll ’16 who had 3 three pointers.

It was an impressive comeback by Hyde, although it slipped out of their hands at the end. The team continues to show improvements, and they’re figuring out how to translate the improvement to wins. Below you will find a link to the highlights of the game.


Chris Baldwin ’16