Second Half Surge Pushes Wolfpack Boys Varsity Past PCD

Hyde: 58
PCD: 52

Hyde traveled to Providence, Rhode Island to take on PCD for a game that would mean a lot in the playoff race.

Right from the start, PCD was aggressive and flashy, showing a surprising confidence that left Hyde needing to play catch up. Going into the half, they held a 9 point lead, although the game seemed much closer. Eamonn Joyce Jr. ’16 was able to keep us from going down double digits with over a dozen first half points.

Right from the start of the second half, Hyde came out with a new intensity, led once again by Eamonn Joyce Jr., who had two early threes and got the the rim on several different occasions and giving the team a lead. There were a few minutes of the second half where Eamonn was literally scoring will, making what seemed like every single shot and building up a big deficit. PCD managed to cut into the lead in the final few minutes, but good defense from Dexter Thompson ’15 and Damon Gomes ’15 kept the guards on their feet, as well as much aggressiveness from Harrison Smith ’15 and Marcus Greenidge ’17.

Hyde came out on top, as they were able to hit some big free throws and refrain from getting rattled. Eamonn Joyce Jr. finished the game with 33 points, Dexter Thompson had 17 and Damon Gomes had 8.

Chris Baldwin ’16