Phoenix Girls Varsity Team Takes Down Hebron Lumberjacks

……………………………. 1st        2nd       3rd        4th                    Final
Hyde Phoenix                2         13        9          18                     42
Hebron Lumberjacks   1          4         6           0                       11

This past Saturday, the Lady Phoenix faced the Hebron Lumberjacks in their final home game of the season.  The Phoenix were coming off of two tough losses last week and were looking to bounce back from defeat.  Heading into the match, the goal was to have two different rotations of five girls splitting the quarter in order to see even playing time throughout the game.  In the first quarter, the girls had a difficult time settling in on offense and taking it to Hebron with intensity.  Jr. Jill Tolman ’16 decided to take it upon herself to set a tone and made two back to back hustle plays going coast to coast to drive into the paint on offense.  Each time, she drew two fouls and stepped up to the foul line to make 2/4 foul shots and put up Hyde’s only 2 points on the board in the first quarter.

In the second quarter, the team decided to follow Tolman’s lead and picked up the tempo significantly on offense.  So. Lilli Allen ’17 sunk two three pointers right off the bat and Hyde went on an offensive run to put them ahead by 10 at halftime.
In the second half, the Phoenix found their groove and started to connect as unit both offensively and defensively.  In the fourth quarter, Hyde put up 18 points to clinch the win.  Two of the most exciting moments of the game were watching Fr. Merrill Truluck ’18 start to find confidence on the floor and not only ripped down defensive and offensive rebounds but also scored off of a jump shot for her first two points of the season.  So. Willow Beavis ’17 also put back an offensive rebound for her first basket of the season.  Jr. Lutes Bartlett ’16 had a nice game and contributed 7 points and So. Timesha Walker ’17 put up 8 points.  This game was an important one to build the Lady Phoenix team comradery on the court as they worked to swing the ball around on offensive with all five girls on the floor as well as communicate with one another in their zone defense.

This is a big week for the Hyde Phoenix who have two games on the road this week!  Wish them luck as they work to end their regular season strong before heading into the tournament at Augusta!

Upcoming Games:
Thursday @ Temple Academy at 3:30.
Friday @ Valley at 4.


Coach Lobozzo