Blizzard Doesn’t Stop Swim Practice

Two Hyde swimmers getting ready to race through the snow

When two members of the Hyde swim team learned the pool was closed and practice cancelled by blizzard conditions, they decided to train anyway. Burke Riley and Carlos Sanchez donned their swimming gear and took to the snow banks outside their dorm.

It was decided a race would add to the challenge with Riley doing the butterfly and Sanchez choosing freestyle strokes. Videographer and fellow dorm-mate Dan Morganstern was on hand to digitally capture the event for posterity.

After viewing the video it was decided to place it on YouTube (see below), and on Burke’s Instagram, where a viewer from Maine searching for blizzard footage picked it up and posted it on Facebook, where it immediately picked up 64,000 hits.

At this point (February 2, 2015) the video has 122,517 hits on Instagram and 7,836 hits on YouTube.

Sanchez, in a gesture of sport comradery, emailed the video to Olympian Michael Phelps, in Carlos’ words, “the most famous swimmer in the world.” There is no indication as yet if “snow swimming” will be declared an Olympic sport.

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