Phoenix Boys JV Rallies as One to Rise Above Lumberjacks

Hyde – 29

Hebron – 27

After a long drive out to Hebron Academy and a tough loss on the road to Woodstock the week before, the outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Phoenix in the first quarter. Offensively struggling to move the ball and lacking energy, the Phoenix found themselves remarkably behind 13-0 at the end of the first quarter. Stunned and searching for answers, the boys grouped together during the break and rec0mitted themselves to communicating and raising the intensity level.

As the second quarter began, the momentum shifted drastically, with hard, committed defending from juniors Duncan O’Rourke, Brandon Nelson, and Aidan Bristow. On the offensive side of things, Aidan Sperry ’15, came off the bench and battled underneath the basket, as Aman Wisdom ’17 took control of the ball with confidence to bring the score to 16 – 9 at the close of the half.

Thankfully the second half continued this momentum, as the Phoenix began to press the Lumberjacks and create offensive opportunities from steals and stingy defending. Jesse Higgins ’16 in particular began communicating with his teammates and shutting down the Lumberjack attack with Dean Tien ’15 and Albert Chen ’17 adding energy off the bench to shutout Hebron in the 3rd quarter.

As the 4th quarter began the game was tied 16-16, and after a pump up speech from the players, the Phoenix entered the 4th quarter stronger than ever before. Despite a multitude of missed free throws and persistent fouls from the Lumberjacks, the boys played with a brilliant balance of composure and intensity, as the approached the line time and time again. Mike Siben ’16 was the standout from this quarter, moving the ball swiftly while finding the hoop three times in the final minutes of the game with a vital jumper, and a huge three to seal the game for the Phoenix.

It was an important win for the Phoenix as they improved to 3-1 with their first victory on the road. Although there was still much that needed work (especially those free throws), the boys united as a team and began to find their chemistry in a tough game.

Up next the JV boys are back at home facing Thornton Academy.

Stay tuned!

Coach Coleman