Wolfpack Faculty Teams Battle it Out in Connecticut’s Quiet Corner

On the night of January 15th, a date better known to the rest of the world as the birthdate of Sean “They Call Me the John Wooden of Junior Varsity” Saucier, Unique Potential Squared off against Team Sizer.  The previous matchup saw Unique Potential come out victorious 7-4, and Team Sizer were going to experience a bit of deja vu on this evening.

The game started with a bit of slow play from both teams, but Team Sizer drew first blood.  After struggling to find possession, creative link up play between Nick “I Don’t Need My Ankles Anyway” Nowak and Charles “My Brother’s Friend’s Uncle’s Neighbor’s Mailman’s Nephew’s Brother in Law’s Mom’s Son Was Drafted into the MLS Today” Escalante equalized the score.  The game went back and forth through the half seeing goals from Peter “My Game is Comparable to Messi” Bugoni and a couple added by Christie “AHHHHHHH” Barnes.  Aggressive defense from Kayla “My goal is to be on the Bachelor, make it into the top 4, then have my own Bachelorette Show” Sheehan (and that nickname is only a slightly modified direct quote) and solid passing from Amanda “Its Too Bad the Indoor Soccer Budget Isn’t Big Enough to Get Uniforms that Fit” Fuller kept the game close at half.

The second half proved to be much kinder to Unique Potential as their work rate out shined the Team Sizer.  John “The Anchor” Rigney and Jackie “Lemme Lay the Smackdown” Lemme held down the fort in the back, while offensive pressure from Tom “You Can’t Play Soccer in Skis?” Draper gave Unique Potential some breathing room.  It beginning to sound a bit redundant, but yet again Russ “I’ll Play Goalie Without My Hands” Varney had a stellar game in goal, showing significant aggression in coming off his line to help out in defense.

Unique Potential topped Team Sizer 6-4 to improve our record to 4-2-2 on the season. Next week we play Liverpool, an opportunity for us to jump from 3rd to 2nd in the standings.

We’re on to Liverpool!

Coach Wyand