Momentum Brings Wolfpack Wrestlers to Choate Tri-Meet

Hyde-Woodstock traveled to Choate-Rosemary Hall this past Wednesday to compete in a tri-meet against Hotchkiss and the host school.  After coming off a close loss against Bath, we tried to bring momentum into this match up to hopefully earn another win on the season.  Again, we were down several men and traveled with only 9 out of the 14 weight classes.

Hyde-Woodstock: 27
Choate Rosemary Hall: 34

The Wolfpack faced off against the host school first, and Choate had a similar issue as our team; lack of numbers.  The match was shortened due to the number of forfeits at various weights.  The Wolfpack had some great moments from Markus Rhyner ’16 who won by a quick pin and Doug Main ’15 who battled his opponent for 6 minutes to win in a 9-3 decision.  The remainder of our points came forfeits.  Leonard Moore ’15, who is still working on getting to weight, won an exhibition match by pin.  Also of note was Chris Kerdavid ’16 who lost against a tough opponent, but refused to be pinned.  This is the toughness that we need as a team, since giving up 3 or 4 team points is better than giving up 6.  With only 6 actual matches occurring, we lost by a 4-2 margin.

Hyde-Woodstock: 21
Hotchkiss School: 54

Our second match was against Hotchkiss School, a program we rarely see during the season.  They had over 20 kids on their line-up and took full advantage of the forfeits we would be giving up.  Interestingly, we actually tied them in head to head matches with a 4-4 score.  Team captain Dennis Cavalli ’15 won by pin against his opponent, as did Chris Kerdavid ’16 and Jack Cardew ’15.  Our other team captain, Dawit Kiflemariam ’15, fought for 6 minutes against his opponent and won in a 6-0 decision.  His grit and tenacity were matched by some solid take downs and moves he hit in this match.  These wins earned the Wolfpack 21 points, whereas Hotchkiss earned 24 points from legitimate matches.  It’s a shame that our numbers alone cause many matches to be lopsided.  Hopefully as tournament season approaches, we will firm up our numbers and get the wins we deserve.

This weekend we will travel to Deerfield Academy to compete against Phillips-Andover and the host school.  Wish us luck and keep up the great community support.


Coach Jenkins and Coach Labeef