Hyde School Indoor Track at Northbridge Regional High 1/14/15

Boys:  Hyde 7 vs  Auburn 78 | Hyde 18 vs woodstock academy 63
Girls:   Hyde 4 vs  Auburn 78 | Hyde 3. vs  woodstock academy 78

The indoor track traveled to Northbridge for another weekly meet.  This week were matched up against two very talented teams and overall saw the best marks of the season from the field including a 50 foot shot thrown by an athlete from Auburn.  Our guys and gals put forth their best effort so this season in response to the competition.  To start with the girls, Melissa Leventhal on her first time picking up the girls shot threw 18′, a very nice start for her.  She also dropped a full second from her 50m dash to finish in 8.0 seconds.  Alexis made progress in the mile dropping her time down to 7:03.  She is fighting to hang on pace with the leaders but falling off pace in the last laps.  In the 1000m she really started to show her strength and emerge as a competitor.  She dropped 15 seconds to finish in 3:59 and finish 4th overall.  Alexis also cleared 3′ 10″ in the high jump and is putting her form together.

On the boys end, Victor Wright bumped back up into the 32′ range in the shot, and dropped his 50m back down to 6.5 seconds, a tie with Christian Basette for first place points against WA.  Christian and Kevin Wang stayed steady at around 30′ in shot but are showing they are learning and can readily evaluate where their throws need work.  Victor has started to dial in his steps at the high jump clearing 5’2″ nicely and showing significant improvement in form and confidence.  His performance there brought in first place points against both Auburn and WA.  Bill Lin struggled to hang with the pack in the mile but made up for it in the 600m where he placed against both teams on his first run at that distance this season.  Great effort all around, I’m proud to say the continue to represent us well at these meets.

Coach Welch