Exciting Matchup as Wolfpack Wrestlers Host Hyde-Bath

Hyde-Woodstock: 30
Hyde-Bath: 33

On Saturday, Hyde-Woodstock hosted the first and only home meet we will have this season against our sister school, Hyde-Bath.  The atmosphere in the room was exciting and energizing thanks to the many fans who came to support our squad.  Both teams had several forfeits, which helped to level the playing field (or mat).  We had some stellar performances from Chris Kerdavid ’16, Corban Basile ’18, and team captain Dawit Kiflemariam ’15 who all won their matches by a pin.  Unfortunately, we would lose in a nail-biter due to some conditions that had little to do with our ‘on-mat’ performances.  Leonard Moore ’15 (PG) won a hard fought exhibition at heavy weight, and it was a shame that he was not a pound or two lighter since his win would have won the match for us.  We were also missing a few students due to late returns and a stomach bug.  Although the day did not go in the record books as a win, it was an exciting match which highlighted both sportsmanship and hard work.  We would also like to thank Hyde-Bath for continuing the tradition of making this a competitive event and driving the long 4 hour trip to make this happen.  We will be gearing up for Wednesday’s match against Choate Rosemary Hall and Hotchkiss School.  Wish us luck.


Coach Jenkins and Coach Labeef