Report: Wolfpack Boys Varsity Basketball @ Bob Southall Classic

Hyde Men’s Varsity Basketball 12/17-12/19

Hyde-58    Salisbury-66

Late Comeback Surges Salisbury Past Hyde

On the first day of back to back to back games, Hyde travelled to Loomis Chaffee to take on Salisbury in the Bob Southall Classic. From the opening tip, it was clear that Salisbury was going to be a gritty team to play, and we were going to have to work hard for a win. Hyde started out strong, with points coming from Damon Gomes ’15 and Dexter Thompson ’15 consistently. Going into halftime, Hyde had a 6 point lead, after an impressive first half.
Unfortunately, in the second half Salisbury was able to pull away from Hyde’s lead, and create a small advantage. Their comeback led to frantic play, which led to missed shots and costly turnovers.

Although it was a tough loss, the team showed significant improvement as a unit.
Damon Gomes led the team with 23 points, Dexter Thompson had 17, and Eamonn Joyce Jr. ’16 had 16.

Hyde-48    Williston Northampton-72

Hyde Loses Big to A Massive Williston Northampton Frontcourt

In Day 2 of the Bob Southall Classic, Hyde took on Williston Northampton, a skilled team that also had a lot of size. Hyde was able to stay in the game for the first 10 minutes, but Williston eventually took over to extend to lead to double digits going into halftime. Jack Payne ’15 played a good game, coming in and being aggressive right from the start. His contributions go way beyond the box score, and he was a nuisance to the opposing offense. Dexter Thompson ’15 had 17 and Damon Gomes ’15 had 12. It was a game that was going to be very difficult to win because of the size difference.

Hyde-71    Berkshire-66

Hyde Comes Back Late To Secure A Win

On the final day of the Bob Southall Classic, Hyde took on Berkshire. There was on obvious difference in skill and size from the start, making the game in Hyde’s favor. The offense was spread around evenly, which showed up in the box score. At the half, Hyde had a small lead, and looked to build on it in the second half.
Late in the game, Berkshire was able to take a 7 point lead with about 1:28seconds left. It looked as if the odds were now in their favor to win the game, unless something big happened. Dexter Thompson ’15, grabbed a rebound, and put it back in to shorten the lead to 5. After getting fouled a couple of times, Hyde was able to pull away with a narrow victory, largely in part to Dexter Thompson’s 26 points, and Damon Gomes’ 17 which included back to back threes.
It was a great way to go into the break, and we look to continue the success coming back.

Chris Baldwin ’16