Last Quad-Meet of Year Sees Wolfpack Varsity Wrestlers Working, Growing

The Wolfpack wrestlers traveled to Suffield Academy this past Saturday to compete in our last quad of the 2014 year.  Yet again, we struggled to fill the weight classes and gave up considerable team points (36pts) before even setting foot on the mat.  With this reality in mind, we went out on the mat going after our individual bests.  Suffield hosted Hyde, Canterbury and newcomer Marvelwood in this annual dual.  Having faced Suffield in the first week, we hoped to improve how we performed before.

Hyde-Woodstock: 18

Suffield Academy: 51

After successive forfeits at the 106, 113, 120, 138, 170 and 285lb classes, we found ourselves in a 0-36 hole, but this did not dissuade our team in the least.  Some highlight performances were given by Jack Cardew ’15 (PG) who went the distance with his opponent to lose in overtime and Chris Kerdavid ’16 who was the only pin we had against Suffield’s tough squad.  Koray Altay ’15 stuck it out into the second period with his tough opponent and many others learned to fight more off their backs.  We will be seeing a lot of this team come tournament season.  We hope to continue improving so we can match up better in future events.

Hyde-Woodstock: 42

Marvelwood: 24

With a tough loss at our backs, we hoped to lift our spirits in the next match.  We have never wrestled Marvelwood in a dual, so we were not quite sure how they would stack up against us.  We quickly learned that Marvelwood would easily become our second victory of the season.  Marvelwood only won one match against us and earned the remaining 18pts through forfeits.  The Wolfpack battled hard and several young men earned pins on the day.  Highlights included pins by Chris Kerdavid ’16, Koray Altay ’15, Dennis Cavalli ’15, Jack Cardew ’15, Jesse McKiernan ’15 and Charlie Levine ’15.  This win felt great for the team and left us elated as we turned to our next match against the full lineup from Canterbury.

Hyde-Woodstock: 6

Canterbury School: 70

Canterbury had an advantage of sheer numbers.  Filling every weight class meant a guaranteed 36pts without matches to earn them.  They also had a lineup of returning kids and were strong where we were strong.  Team captains, Dennis Cavalli ’15 and Dawit Kiflemariam ’15 both lost to their equally skilled opponents.  Charlie Levine ’15 battled for a full six minutes to lose in a 12-8 decision and Jack Cardew ’15 was caught on his back in the last 15 seconds of the third period.  Once again, the “Man of the Match” had to go to Chris Kerdavid ’16 who pinned a past Hyde student (Orestes Nicopolous) at the 132lb weight class.  Chris went 3-0 on the day and showed that even in the matches when he was down, he never quit and always fought off his back.  This “can do” spirit and grit allowed for him to outlast and outsmart his opponents.  Kudos to Chris on the great day he had.

Although the scores were lopsided, the day allowed us one victory and a lot of learning time on the mats.  We hope to boast a bigger lineup upon our return in the new year, and this will allow us to actually fight for the points rather than give them up for not having a body.  We look forward to the well-deserved break and appreciate all of your support.


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Coach Jenkins & Coach Labeef