Tough Loss for Wolfpack Boys Varsity Team vs Redemption Christian

Hyde Bosy Varsity Basketball vs Redemption Christian Academy
Hyde: 55
RCA: 78

Hyde Boys Varsity Basketball had a game on Tuesday, December 9th against Redemption Christian Academy. Coming into the game, Redemption Christian was known for their extreme size, something Hyde lacks.

Nonetheless, Hyde Wolfpack came out strong, led by three first half 3’s from Khalil Johnson ’17. Hyde got a few turnovers using their press, and definitely rattled the opposing team. After a back and forth first half, the Wolfpack were down 43-30. At the start of the second half, Redemption Christian forced a few turnovers, led to easy baskets, and ran up the score. At one point, Redemption Christian was up by thirty, but Hyde made a bit of a comeback, only being down by 14 at one point. Eventually, Redemption Christian’s press proved to be too much, and carried them to a 78-55 win.

Although it was a loss, there were strong performances from Dexter Thompson ’15, who had 23, and Damon Gomes ’15, who played his first game of the season, finishing with 15 points and a handful of assists.

It was a tough loss, but a lot was taken from it, and we look to continue to improve going forward.

-Chris Baldwin ’16