Strong Season Opener for Wolfpack Wrestlers

Hyde-Woodstock traveled to Hopkins School in New Haven, CT this past Saturday to compete in a quad meet against Suffield, Williston Northampton and the host school.  We brought with us some guys with experience, some eager greenhorns and lots of fighting spirit.  Coach Labeef and I were proud of the efforts even though the day was a shutout in terms of team scores.  We hope that once we have our full line-up and a few more weeks of practice, the Wolfpack will become a force to be reckoned with.


Hyde-Woodstock: 24

Hopkins School: 54

Hyde Woodstock opened up first against the host school.  Many of the newcomers were obviously nervous, but this round of the quad gave them the mat time needed to see that wrestling is more fun than it is scary.  Forfeiting three weight classes put as at an 18 point disadvantage from the start, but we didn’t allow that to dishearten us in the least.  Some highlights of this match included Markus Rhyner ’16, Chris Kerdavid ’16, and team captain Dennis Cavalli ’15 who all earned hard fought pins against their opponents.  Charlie Levine ‘15 and Koray Altay ’15 also won their matches in 6 minute decisions with scores of 9-3 and 8-2 respectively.  Hopkins program was better than in previous years and we look forward to seeing them again in the New Englands.


Hyde-Woodstock: 24

Suffield Academy: 48

Hyde-Woodstock faced Suffield following our match with Hopkins.  Suffield has been known to have a tough program with some top wrestlers in their line-up.  Again, Dennis Cavalli ’15, Markus Rhyner ’16, and Chris Kerdavid ’16 earned pins at their weight classes and we earned the last 6 points by forfeit in the 220lb weight class.  Several of our guys were pinned in the first period and will need to work on not getting caught on their backs.  We will need to work on bridging and bottom defense to ensure that when we see this team again next Saturday.  A major highlight of the match was when our brand new 195lb wrestler, Jesse McKiernan ’15, went up against Suffield’s Drew Mahoney (All-American).  He faced his opponent without fear and left the mat with a smile on his face and a hunger to learn the moves to help him do better next time.  I am excited to see how the season plays out for him.


Hyde-Woodstock: 36

Williston Northampton: 42

Our closest match of the day was against Williston.  We have had a back-and-forth battle with this team for years.  This year they eked by with one more pin then us, a difference of 6 points!  Dennis Cavalli ’15 and Markus Rhyner ’16 completed their trifectas on the day with two more earned pins for our squad.  These two young men will help anchor the team by providing reliable points up for us throughout the season.  The highlight of this match went to team captain Dawit Kiflemariam ’15 who was down in the third period 11-15, but pulled off a spectacular reversal to a pin.  We were waiting for him to get the rust off, and by round three of the quad he was ready to perform.  It was a nail biter of a finish, but WNH came out on top with the pin at the 132lb class that sealed the deal for them.  We will hopefully see these guys throughout the year and show them how much we improve.

I want to thank everyone who followed our tweets as well as supports us around the community.  It looks to be a long season full of growth and hard work, but I feel we have a great team in the making.  We look forward to our next match this Wednesday in a tri-meet against Northfield Mount Hermon and Worcester.  Wish us luck!

Coach Jenkins and Coach Labeef