Hyde Woodstock Wins First NEPSAC Bowl Game in School History

Game collage by Malcolm Gauld
Collage and photos by Hyde President Malcolm Gauld

Hyde Woodstock’s 9-1 season culminated on November 15 with a 61-46 win and the school’s first NEPSAC Bowl victory. It was a special day for all involved.

“It was a team effort. We had a couple key guys get interceptions that you don’t normally hear from. We had people hurt that regrouped and got back in the game. Just a tremendous team effort,” said head coach Sean Saucier.

The Wolfpack offense was simply unstoppable, especially postgraduate running back Jimmy Murphy, who scored 5 rushing touchdowns on the day. Jimmy was also named the Evergreen League Player of the Year for his exceptional performance all fall. Dexter Thompson ’15, an All-New England selection, also had an impact performance with 2 rushing touchdowns and a score off of a beautiful pass from game captain Marcus Greenidge ’17. The defense also made key plays with big tackles from Jack Greenberg ’15 and a game sealing interception from Christian Bassette ’16. You can see all of the game’s action by watching the live stream.

While it was clear that the whole team showed up for the bowl game, the Wolfpack Nation also played a crucial role in the experience. Defensive coordinator Steve Sheehan, who played in a bowl game on the same Kingswood-Oxford field as a high school athlete, said, “Playing in the bowl game was a surreal experience. It was déjà vu when we arrived, getting ready in the same locker room, walking out to the same field, being on the same sidelines…it was all the same until the singing of the national anthem…when the WOLFPACK NATION arrived. From that moment on I just had a feeling that it was our game to win.”

The entire school attended the event, along with the loyal families and friends of the Hyde community and its athletes. The Wolfpack sideline was filled with supporters, including Hyde School founder, Joe Gauld, and Hyde president, Malcolm Gauld.

While the team celebrated the reward at the end of the day, they had much more to say about the entire season. Pete Gregory, offensive coordinator, said, “After an early season loss, the team refocused on their commitment and adjusted their work ethic and ownership of the team mission statement: Loyalty, Humility, Discipline.”

“I am truly honored to be a part of this Hyde football team. In my four years at Hyde, this team was the best I have ever seen, let alone be on. I am so grateful for the opportunity to play with these guys. It has been a long ride, but it was totally worth it in the end,” said senior center Doug Main, a player who worked to earn his way into the starting lineup after four years in the program.

Senior captain and quarterback Harrison Smith said, “This year was something special. We became something much more than just a team. We became brothers. Day in and day out we had each other’s backs and pushed ourselves to limits we didn’t think we could get to.”

Postgraduates and All-New England selections Jared Labedes and Leonard Moore (captain) both pushed the limits, suffering injuries during the bowl game and returning after some attention on the sideline.

As a team, it was a talented and special group of athletes, as seen by their numerous recognitions:

Evergreen League Player of the Year: Jimmy Murphy

All New England: Jimmy Murphy PG, Jared Labedes PG, Leonard Moore PG, Dexter Thompson ’15

All-League: Harrison Smith ’15, Marcus Greenidge ’17, Omri West ’16, Justin Allard ’15,

Jack Greenberg ’15

Honorable Mention: Timothy Patterson ’16, Jesse McKiernan ’15, Tyler Dewees ’16

“It was a great season, the culmination of a lot of hard work and positive attitudes. We combined talent to positive energy, and it was a fun and rewarding experience. I’ll miss coaching this group very much,” said Saucier. The entire Hyde community, current and alumni, takes pride in this historic achievement.

Effort and Achievement both at 100% on the scoreboard

Effort and Achievement both at 100%. Photo altered by Max Greenberg.

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