Tough Loss for Phoenix Girls Varsity Soccer in MAISAD Semi-FInals vs Gould



MAISAD Semi-final

November 5, 2014

Hyde – 0

Gould Academy – 5

The Hyde Phoenix took to the road to face Gould Academy for the third time this fall.  It was a familiar scene, having played against them in the semifinal last year, seeded in the same positions.  What was different this time was the effort the Hyde team brought with them to the first half.  Despite a very early goal on a corner kick, Gould’s talented offense was slowed to only one additional goal in the first half.  Hyde modified its defense placing Kelsey Talbutt ’16 and Emma Levensohn ’17 in the backfield, both contributed outstanding efforts.  As usual, marking backs Cherry Weng ’17 and Merrill Truluck ’18played incredibly tough, tracking strong forwards.  Having suffered large margins a 2-0 score at half represented a great improvement.

Unfortunately, Gould began to recognize Hyde’s defensive strategy and adjusted by packing the box.  Several threatening through balls were served and Gould’s strikers were eventually able to take advantage of two.  Their final goal was on a well-placed ball just outside the box.  Jill Tolman ’16 worked tirelessly in the midfield, Jenny Balter ’15served as the team’s workhouse striker and outside mids Avery Booth ’15 and Kristine Bailey ’16 operated the flanks.  Overall the team played with heart and ended the season with a tough fight against a very strong opponent.