Strong Showing for Wolfpack GVS vs Rocky Hill

Hyde – 0

Rocky Hill – 1

The Wolfpack girls hosted Rocky Hill today in a neck and neck battle. It was a rematch of one of Hyde’s better performances earlier in the season. Even with a modified formation, the girls were able to start strong. Hyde began the game by pressuring Rocky Hill in their zone. Standouts in the first half were Alexis Bourgoin ’17Sarah Fan ’15, and Joanna Ren ’15. All three of these girls were hustling for every ball and pressuring the other team well.

At the end of the first half, keeper and captain Hui-Ling Seow ’15 was able to, with the help of her team, achieve the first shut-out half for Hyde School. Scoring was also not coming easy for Hyde, even as the support of Wolfpack Nation roared on the sideline. Both teams began the second half looking tired and it appeared as though Rocky Hill would take the upper hand. It wasn’t until seven minutes left in the game when the ball finally reached the back of net. As it slipped by the goal line, Wolfpack Nation was stunned. But it was only a brief minute until the Hyde Girls Varsity Soccer Team picked their heads back up and continued fighting. It wasn’t until the final whistle blew that Hyde accepted the loss.

Rocky Hill lit a fire under the Wolfpack Nation that will continue to burn until they find victory. Captains Dossou Ndiaye ’15 and Hui-Ling Seow ’15 have made it clear that this team will never go down without a fight. Their next stop is Bath, ME where they will challenge their sister school in their only meeting of the season.

Coach Varney