Wolfpack GVS Fights Hard in 0-5 Loss to PCD

Girls Varsity Soccer vs. PCD

Hyde – 0
Rocky Hill – 5

The Hyde Girls traveled to PCD  yesterday in search for their first win. After a solid warm-up, the girls took to the field. It was a rocky start as the Wolfpack struggled to find their proper positioning. It took a little bit of time but eventually Rocky Hill found the back of the net. The Hyde girls were unable to put together passes and Rocky capitalized on the Hyde mistakes three more times before halftime.

The Wolfpack started the second half right where they left off. They looked tired. Within ten minutes, Rocky Hill scored again. Down 0-5, Alexis Bourgoin ’17 was not ready to give up. With her determination, several other players were able to rally. Sarah Fan ’15 had a couple of scoring opportunities as the Wolfpack started to take control of the ball. Instead of keeping the ball in the Hyde zone, the game was finally being played in neutral territory.

Although they were unable to get the back of the net, the girls fought hard until the finish. Hopefully Hyde is able to bring that determination to practice and their games in the future through the entire eighty minutes.

Coach Varney