Phoenix Girls JVS Getting Stronger in Brunswick Matchup

Girls JV Soccer vs. Brunswick



The Hyde Lady Phoenix travelled to our neighboring town of Brunswick, ME for a competitive match this past Monday, October 6th.  The ladies were supplemented by a couple of gracious varsity players and formed a cohesive attack against the Dragons.  Hyde was quick to mount a defense against the opposition and held strong throughout the initial 15 minutes.  Defense Shirley He ’18, Jennifer Borjes ’16, Jess Fuller ’16,  and captain Becky Zeng ’15, used their newfound spacing knowledge to create a solid wall between goalie Anna Presson ’16, and the attackers.  Although Hyde was down 2-0 at the half, the girls rallied together and came to the conclusion that if they were able to communicate more effectively, the second half would be a success no matter the score.  Mid fielders Macy Weymar ’18 and Susa Breese ’16 showed immense improvement by implementing control of both their traps and passes, which resulted in numerous break aways by Timesha Walker ’17 and Jenny Balter ’15. Captain Leehey Ramon ’15, had her best game of the season by demonstrating grit and leadership on the field.  Catch the Lady Phoenix playing against Freeport High today in Bath at 4:30pm!

Coach Lobozzo