Wolfpack GJVS Works Hard in BCA Rematch

Girls JV Soccer vs. BCA
Hyde – 0
BCA – 5
Monday afternoon the Girls JV soccer team hosted BCA in their second match-up of the season. With more experience in games and a better sense of the field, Hyde began the game with strong team work. They were communicating well and improving with their passing. The defense came out strong with solid backing of Joyce Zhang ’16, Coco Cai ’17, Angel Sima ’15, and Tina She’ 16. Staying well spread and consistent pressure on the offensive attacks allowed the Hyde to push BCA onto the opposite side of the field throughout the first half. Down 0-3 at the end of the half, the team discussed maintaining position, continuing to hustle to be the first to the ball, and the best way to work the ball down the field. Despite dropping two more goals to BCA in the second half, the team worked hard throughout the game, improved their footwork and view of the field, and communicated well in all positions. Exceptional level of effort was shown throughout the game by the entire defense as well as, Katherine Li ’17, Joanna Ren ’16, Sarah Fan ’15, Tori Luo ’18, Francie O’Neill ’16, and Jules Arthin ’16.
The team is looking forward to a solid stretch of practices in the upcoming week to continue improving on the field in preparation for their next game against Bath!
Coach Fuller