Phoenix BVS Solid in 2-1 Win vs Berwick Academy

September 30, 2014

Hyde School      2

Berwick                1

Berwick Academy traveled to Bath to play a match on Tuesday.  The game was played on the turf field under cloudy skies and cool temperatures.

Play and possession went back and forth for most of the first part of the match.  In the 24th  minute, Berwick was awarded a free-kick near the touch line in front of the home team’s bench.  Keeper Noah Horning`15 got a piece  of the ball, but it found the back of the net nonetheless.   Three minutes later captain Kiefer Cundy`15 lofted a throw-in from the  left side of the field to post grad Abdibaari Hersi who scored to tie it 1-1.  The score was still knotted at the half.

Berwick came out in the second half and had some early chances on goal, but Noah Norning`15 kept the sheet clean.  In the 59th minute, Dylan Budd`16 was fouled in the box and received a penalty kick as a result.  Abdibaari Hersi took the PK and converted it to go up a goal to make it 2-1.  The Hyde lads continued to be an offensive threat in the last 30 minutes of the match.  James Lee`15 moved to the forward position.  He and Gatouch Pan`17 did a masterful job of keeping the pressure on the opponent’s defensive backs.  This, combined with solid play from the Hyde central defenders, Andrew Davis`15  and Dow Drukker`15, allowed the team to maintain the lead.

This was a good result for the boys.  They played from behind and focused on maintaining composure while continuing to execute the prescribed game plan.  The next match will be October 3rd at Hebron Academy.  Kickoff is scheduled for 4:00.

-coach Smith