Another Tough Loss for Phoenix GVS




 September 27, 2014

Hyde – 0

Gould Academy – 11

After a tough loss to Kents Hill the Wednesday prior, the Phoenix travelled north to face Gould Academy.  The Class D New England runner up, Gould was incredibly strong and scored early.  The Hyde defense was slow to organize for the second time that week and allowed several goals in the opening minutes of the game.  After shaking off the road, a more representative effort was rallied by Merrill Truluck ’18 and Cherry Weng ’16.  At mid-field and striker, senior Gigi Chen ’15 returned to the pitch with a strong contribution.  The Phoenix had difficulty finding intensity and found themselves under constant pressure from the Gould team.  The second half saw much less scoring as the Gould players worked the ball around their back field.  Injuries and absences have caught up with the team as they struggle to find a consistent rhythm.  Once again, captains Avery Booth ’15Jill Tolman ’16 (playing her first game as goal keeper) and Kelsey Talbutt ’16 held the squad together.

Coach Newberg