Wolfpack GJVS Fall to Wheeler 0-5

Hyde  – 0
Wheeler – 5
Tuesday afternoon the Girls JV soccer team travelled to Wheeler school. In a tough game Hyde struggled to work together and trap the ball effectively, which resulted in losing the ball to the opponent. Injuries and lack of conditioning caused Hyde to fall behind early on. New players in defense worked hard and helped goal keeper Annika Morris ’18 make some great plays to keep the ball away from the goal. Tina She ’16, Katherine Li ’17, and Sandy Qian ’17 hustled through the entire game and continued to learn throughout the game. The second half of the game Hyde continued to work hard and was able to improve upon their offense on Wheeler’s half of the field. Melissa Leventhal ’16, Francie O’Neill ’16, and Tori Luo ’18 ran throughout the game in midfield and were great support players for both their defense and offense. While the game ended at 0-5, the team learned throughout the game and continued to find areas for them to improve upon in practices this week.
Coach Fuller