Huskies Bite Phoenix BJVS 0-2

On Saturday afternoon, the Boys JV Soccer team hosted Kent’s Hill School and a beautiful day would open up to some competitive soccer.  The Phoenix came out a bit timid of the opposition, playing slow and letting the Huskies run the play.  This would allow Kent’s Hill a quick goal, roughly ten minutes into play.  Hyde did not hang their heads, and tough play from Michael Jimenez ’16 and Sailor Xu ’16 kept the Phoenix fighting.  Unfortunately, the Huskies would find the back of the onion bag once more with approximately 20 minutes left in the first half.  The Phoenix trails 2-0 at the half.

Hyde’s JV squad came out fired-up in the start of the second half.  Jesse Higgins ’16 and John Thomas ’16 both played new roles at defensive end.  Their composure in the back field and the run of play from forward Evans Kagame ’17 and midfielderKyler Hella ’17 saw the Phoenix maintain roughly 70% of the possession in the second half.  But the Husky defense proved impenetrable, and Hyde could not break through.  The Phoenix would win play in the second half, but the scoreboard didn’t change.  Kent’s Hill maintained their lead and the final score would be 2-0.

The boys kept their heads high, knowing they won the last 40 minutes of play.  The team continues to improve in practice and working on playing together as a unit.  Go Phoenix!

Coach Dreimiller