Wolfpack GVS Falls to Wheeler 1-7

Girls Varsity Soccer vs. Wheeler

Hyde – 1
Wheeler – 7

The Woodstock Girls traveled to Wheeler to face a team known for their soccer talent. After suffering a loss the day prior, the Wolfpack looked to redeem themselves on the road.

The Hyde Girls started the game strong, although missing their started sweeper. In the first ten minutes, Wheeler connected for a goal. Hyde did not seem effected by the score and confined their game. As the half progressed, the Wheeler was clearly dominating and took a four goal lead by the end of the first half.

The ladies of Hyde took to the field for the second half ready to play as a team. They connected passes and pushed each other to their best. Although Wheeler kept up the pressure, Captains Hui-Ling Seow ’15 and Dossou Ndiaye ’15 did not allow their team to be bested mentally. With around twenty minutes remaining in the game, Ndiaye intercepted a Wheeler pass and put in the first goal for Hyde this season.

The Hyde Girl’s Varsity Soccer Team seems to have found its leaders. It will be exiting to see how the season’s journey continues as they travel to Williams on Saturday.

Coach Varney