Last Stop – Hyde-China Team in Shanghai

Hyde-China team with families in Shanghai

Shanghai is Hyde’s largest region in China and the last stop of the Hyde-China trip. On June 21, the Hyde team wrapped up the trip with a grand FLC.

Many families that live in the south eastern part of China traveled to Shanghai to meet with the Hyde team. They had over 50 participants, including graduates, current families and prospective families.

In the morning, led by Laura Gauld and Bob Felt, parents shared what the challenges and differences are raising children in today’s culture compare to when they were young. The students shared and discussed their understanding of Hyde’s five words–Courage, Integrity, Leadership, Curiosity and Concern. After that everyone broke into small groups and did a mini seminar on sentence completion.

In the afternoon, the graduates read their senior speeches, followed by families doing a “trust sit” and ended with a circle debrief. At the circle debrief, Tony Mao’s mother said, “I had always wondered if I’m the only one who is troubled by raising a rebelling teenage boy. Now I know I’m not alone.”

Evan Xu’s father said, “I will share the struggles I had when I was young with my son, not lecturing him what to do, just sharing.”

Bernard He’s mother said, “The more I try to control my son, the more he pushes away from me. I will have to change my approach.”

Toward the end of the FLC, a mother who is looking for an American high school for her son came into the conference room, listened to people share during the circle debrief, and burst into tears she was so moved by what people were saying.

Overall, it was a successful trip in China and the Hyde-China team is looking forward to the next visit.