The Hyde-China team hosts an FLC in Shenzhen, a city with an adventurous spirit

On June 18, 2014, the Hyde-China team hosted another FLC in the beautiful southern coastal city of Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen grew from a small finishing village to a huge metropolitan city with a population of 10.6 million in 30 years. Not surprisingly, none of the Hyde Shenzhen parents were born in Shenzhen. They saw the opportunity when they were young and moved here with a dream of creating a life of their own.

Maybe it’s because of this adventurous spirit, Shenzhen participants were very open-minded. Everyone was able to benefit from something from this workshop.

The workshop started with recent graduate, Ferina Li, reading her graduation speech and sharing her experience at Hyde. After a few warm-up activities, the group jumped into sentence completion seminar. After lunch break, the group continued to “trust sit” and final letter sharing.

Kevin Wang, who was often quiet at school, surprised everyone by being the first one to speak up on multiple occasions.

Edison’s mother spoke from her heart and moved everyone in her group.

By the end of the workshop, Cherry Weng expressed that “I felt seminars were boring and pointless when I was at school. After going through today’s activities with my family, I feel very different about it now. I think it’s important to our family.”

Simon Gong’s mother said, “I had no problem communicating with my older son Simon. My husband and I had been trying to communicate and understand my younger son for years. Today we finally made our first step.”

A prospective parent who had doubts about Hyde was also impressed by the FLC and went home with confidence about his choice.

On June 19th, Hyde-China team will travel to their last stop, Shanghai, the largest region in China. Stay tuned for more exciting news and stories.