2014 Spring Family Weekend

On April 25 Hyde School welcomed families to both the Bath, Maine and Woodstock, Connecticut campuses for the annual spring family weekend. From Thursday night through Sunday morning, families joined their students in class rotations, watched their sons and daughters take part in athletic competitions, and participated in the family component of a Hyde School education.

The Hyde School family education program provides guidance and support to parents and their students, and focuses on helping every individual, both student and parent, discover his or her full potential.

The program’s messages are straightforward: the way adults live their lives must be consistent with the way they raise and teach children, principles are the most powerful force in influencing children in a positive way, and parents need to focus on personal growth to allow their best parenting instincts to emerge.

“Our family program is based on a simple premise: If you focus on your own growth, you will create a ripple effect that will inspire the family,” shared the executive director of Hyde’s boarding schools, Laura Gauld.

The school’s founder, Joseph Gauld, gave an inspiring speech on integrity, sharing stories from his past and insightful studies. “If we aren’t fully satisfied with the life we are leading, maybe it’s because our mind is not in sync with this deeper part of ourselves, and we are not on the path to achieve the needed integrity to make us whole” he shared. “Sigmund Freud said our most important decisions in life—like choosing a mate or a profession—should come from our unconscious. This statement is now supported by many neuroscience experiments. For example, in one experiment reported in Science Magazine, the unconscious reaction of 135 newlyweds to their spouses turned out to be a strong predictor of the success of their marriage.” Read the whole speech here.

The weekend also included original performing art shows, videos below.

Thank you to all the families who attended!

See photos from Woodstock’s Spring Family Weekend HERE.

Hyde-Bath PA Performance:


Hyde-Woodstock PA Performance: