Phoenix Tennis @ Hebron

Hyde School:  1
Hebron Academy :  4

Hyde Varsity Tennis traveled to Hebron Maine for a match against Hebron Academy yesterday.  The match was played outside under sunny skies and warm temperatures and light wind.

First Singles (win)

Wyatt Lichtenger             2              6              6

Lorenzo Puopolo                  6              0              2

Second Singles(loss)

Burke Riley                               4              6

Oliver Frenette                  6              7(7-5)                    

Third Singles(loss)

Nate Smith                               0              0

 Eli Ross                                6              6

1st Doubles(loss)

Ben Mooney, Elliot Wang             2              4

Juan White, Greg Labbe               6              6

2nd Doubles(loss)

Richard Liu, Oliver Wang              1              3

Zach Abisalih, Yipeng Shan           6             6


Wyatt Lichtenger`14 successfully beat his teammate Burke Riley`15 in a challenge match prior to this competition and consequently moved to the first singles position.  Wyatt demonstrated tenacity mental toughness during his match.  He lost the first set badly, but during the break between sets, vowed that he could beat his opponent.  That is exactly what he did in the next two sets.  Not only did he turn the tables on his Lumberjack opponent, but he only gave up 2 games on the remaining 14 played.  This serves as a great example for his teammates of leadership under pressure.  Burke Riley`15 continued to struggle with consistency and confidence.  He lost the first set in a close one at 4-6.  He refocused during the break and was more competitive in the second set, but fell in a 5-7 tiebreaker.  It was tough because he had gained momentum and was poised to win a third set, but it was not meant to be.  Nate Smith`15 played a lot of tight game in his match at third singles.  He is normally a doubles player and had difficulty making the transition to match play as a single player.  He put in admirable effort but fell to his opponent just the same.   Ben Mooney`16 and Elliot Wang`14 were slow in starting to play to their potential.  This cost them and they lost the first set 2-6.  They played much better in the second set.  However, they missed a key opportunity late in the second set.  They were down 4-5 and their opponent was serving.  The score in the game was ‘ad-out.’  Meaning that Ben and Elliot needed to win the next point to tie it 5-5, and would also have the serve in the next game.  Unfortunately, they lost that point returning the score to deuce.  Hebron won the next two points and consequently the match.  Richard Liu`14 and Oliver Wang`17 had a solid match at second doubles.  They played many games  to deuce, but couldn’t win the key points at key times.  It was a tough match due to missing players and a continued tendency to come out flat.  To be competitive in this league we need to be at full strength and consistently play up to our potential.  The last regular season match is at Gould on Saturday.