Phoenix GLAX Remains Hungry Against Hebron



The Lady Phoenix flew north to the hills of Hebron this past Friday, May 2nd, to reintroduce themselves as a team that has made remarkable improvement in the past month.  Despite having lost to this talented team earlier on in the season, this match was less about the scoreboard, and more about proving to themselves the strides that they had indeed made.  Hebron proved to be as competitive of a squad as ever in the first half, with a strong and consistent attack, along with a solid defensive wall.  Hyde, however, rose to the occasion and came back to win the second half, five to four. It was a telling sign of growing grit and synergy on the girls behalf.

The numbers:

Goals                                                    Ground Ball Control                       Caused Turnovers           Draw Control

S. McManus-3                                   S. McManus- 4                                  C. Moore-2                         C. Moore-2

E. Levensohn-2                                 J. Tolman-4                                         C. Darling-2                         J. Tolman-1

C. Moore-1                                         C. Moore-3

Look out for the Lady Phoenix to take flight once again versus MWVLC at home on Saturday, May 10th at 4pm. All are encouraged and welcomed to come out in support!