Phoenix Tennis vs Kents Hill

Hyde School                       0

Kents Hill School             5

Kents Hill School traveled to Bath to play a tennis match against the Phoenix yesterday.  The match was played on the outdoor courts at the Edward McMann sports complex on Congress Avenue.  The weather was sunny with light breezes.


First Singles (loss)

Burke Riley                          1              0

Zack Miller                         6              6

Second Singles(loss)

Stephan El Base                 0              0

Daniel Sheppard               6              6                 

Third Singles(loss)

Wyatt Lichtenger             1              2

Shin Ota                                6              6

1st Doubles(loss)

Luke Brawley, Nate Smith                              1            1

Robert Patenaude, Colin DeGiacomo     6             6          

2nd Doubles(win)

Elliot Wang, Richard Liu                                  0              1

Pelumi Odimayo ,  Mikel Martinez           6              6         


Burke Riley`15 didn’t take any games from his opponent in the second set, but had quite a few long rallies and seemed to work through an ongoing issue he has had regarding the consistency of his forehand.  Stefan El Base`15 went longer in the games he played in his second set.  He still was not happy with his performance, but he played harder and put up a good fight, which is better than the alternative.  Wyatt Lichtenger`14 kept his opponent honest with his strong serve, but couldn’t match his consistency, falling prey to unforced errors.  Luke Brawley`15 and Nate Smith`15 developed some solid chemistry as partners at first doubles.  However, they were unable to match their opponent’s fine play at net.  Elliot Wang`14 and Richard Liu`14  played many games to deuce, but were out gunned by their opponent’s big serves. This was a tough one for the Varsity Tennis squad.  None of the Hyde competitors were content with their performances.  It is hard to say exactly what went wrong, but certainly something wasn’t quite right.  Many of the boys mentioned struggling with the transition to playing outside on hard courts as a factor.  Kents Hill is undefeated in MAISAD league play for a reason, they are a talented and disciplined  team.   Our next match is Wednesday May 7th at Hebron Academy.