Phoenix Boys V Lax Wins vs Gould 14-10

Hyde 14
Gould 10

In the midst of Family Weekend at the Bath Campus, the Phoenix boys varsity lacrosse team took to the muddy grass field in a face-off against Gould Academy.  After losing to Gould for nearly half a decade, the Hyde squad came out with a mission.  PG defenseman, Sam Valentine (’14) stepped up to the occasion, playing great position defense as well as notching five groundballs and an assist.  Co-defensemen, Eric Stone (’14) and Zac Messina (’15) fended off the Gould attack, while the last line of defense, keeper Deker Adelman (’15), racked up 7 saves.

Throughout the game, the Hyde offense was a consistent threat attacking the goal and keeping the Gould defense on their toes. Early on, Hyde junior Aidan Sperry (’15) scored three goals in the first quarter and looked very dangerous. After the Huskies defense started to key on the dynamic midfielder, the usual offensive threats stepped up and delivered. Mike Harris (’15) had 5 goals on the day and was locked in on the cage. Evan Robish (’14) also added a goal and assist on the day.

Later on in the game, the Phoenix were having a tough time pulling away and Gould was determined to stick around. Junior Ryan Moran (’15) was an immovable force picking up ground balls and giving Hyde more possessions. Also, the two mean at the faceoff, Joe Stanchina (’14) and Sam Zanta (’15) dominated in the second half losing just one out of 11. When push came to shove, the Phoenix used the support from the family weekend crowd to finish the game off and beat the huskies 14-10.