Hyde Boys Varsity Lacrosse vs Kent’s Hill

Hyde: 5
Kent’s Hill: 9

Saturday, May 3, 2014 the boys took a drive up north to take on Kent’s Hill. Travel was on the slower side due to the hefty amount of our players being juniors and taking the SAT’s that morning getting their mental focus on.

Playing just yesterday in a game our boys were as rested as they could have been jumping into the fray. Subbing wise our bench again was small, the smallest it has been all year with only one additional middie and one extra long pole for rotation. Knowing numbers and rest would be seldom and little junior Max Kaplan (’15) jumped into the middie role to give us some form of reprieve. Seeing the depth of the squad on the day our offense played smart with long possessions in the Kent’s Hill zone, making sure to keep if anyone fresh our four guys holding the defense together on the opposite side of the field. Eric Stone (’14), Zack Messina (’15), and Sam Valentine (’14) held a phenomenal phalanx holding attackers off from our cage for much of the first half. When quick ball movement got the best of them keeper Noah Horning (’15) ate up several barrages of shots keeping spirits high and the chance of staying in the game alive.

Fighting back exhaustion offensively the boys found the passing lanes and held the ball in enemy territory for long spells. Face-offs were again burdened to one lone player, Joe Stanchina (’14). Taking on all 13 draws, he finished the day off winning 60% of them. Once more leading scorer Mike Harris (’15) was the first to find the net for Hyde; finishing the day with a hat trick. Along with him, fellow attackmen Evan Robish (’14) peppered the net with his shots grabbing himself a goal. Late in the fourth quarter down by 5 goals we found ourselves in a man-up opportunity when a rocket of a shot came from our topside middie Jared Jensen (’14); thus only putting us down by 4 goals.

Regrettably the game ended 9-5 in favor of Kent’s Hill. Exhausted our boys rallied together at its conclusion and looked down the road towards the path of the MAISADs. Making a run towards that goal lays a week of practice and preparation before they travel up to Gould where we hope to get the win propping us into the post season.