Hyde Wolfpack at Portsmouth Abbey, April 23, 2014


Portsmouth Abbey – 87

Hyde School – 56


Portsmouth Abbey – 94

Hyde School – 44

This past Wednesday, the Hyde Track & Field team journeyed to Portsmouth Abbey.  With the wind howling and rain at the start, the times of both teams suffered.  However, this allowed the athletes to dig deep and demonstrate their grit and rigor.

The girl’s 4×100 relay, with Amelia Lyle, Janicha Diaz, Dossou Ndiaye, and Grace Briggs, the girls lead off with a quick 1st place (59.7) win.  Dossou went on to score 1st place in the rest of her events, including shot put (26’2″), triple jump (28’3″) , and the 400 m (74.3).  Janicha finished in 2nd place in both of her remaining events, the 100 m High Hurdles (20.4) and 300 m Intermediate Hurdles (58.7).  Amelia achieved two additional scores in her field events; 3rd place in the Javelin (62’11”) and 1st in Pole Vaulting (7’6″).  In the 100 m sprint, Grace  and Sarah Fan took 2nd (15.4) and 3rd place.  In addition to her sprint, Sarah (15.7) contributed to Hyde’s overall score with a 3rd place jump in the triple jump (24′.25″).  Lizzie Xu pulled in a 1st place win in her 800 m race (3:34.5).  In the long distance events, Alyssa Eagan won 3rd place in the 1500 m (7:34.6)  while Mandy Yang took 3rd in the 3000 m (16:20.1), both demonstrating growth and stamina

The boys took 1st in the 4×100 m relay (49.8), where Kyle Jordan, Thomas Nixon, Josh Bouchard, and Justin Irby displayed a great show of tenacity.  Kyle took 1st and 2nd place in his remaining solo events, the 100 m (11.4) and the 200 m (23.4) sprints.  Thomas also placed in his individual events.  He won 1st place in both the High Hurdles (17.6) and the Intermediate Hurdles (47.9) as well as 3rd in 100 m (11.6) sprint.  Scott Leonard added to Hyde’s overall score in both of his long distance events, placing 3rd in the 1500 m (5:05.4) as well as the 3000 m (11:30.6).  Jesse McKiernan placed 2nd in his event, the 800 m (2:15.8).  Dorje Kutler joined the ranks with a 3rd place in the 400 m (63.1).  Hyde scored the majority of its’ points in the field events, with the help of Rob Ficarra, Kevin Wang, Peter Yang, and Austin Allard.  Rob placed 1st in the Shot Put (40’8″) and Javelin (97’2″) events, and 2nd in the Discus Throw (111’7″).  Kevin added to Hyde’s score with a 3rd place in both the Shot Put (31.5) and Discus (59’4″) events.  Peter pulled in two 1st place wins in the Long Jump (16’4″) and Triple Jump (34’9″).  Last but not least, Austin won 3rd place in the Long Jump(15’9″).

Tomorrow afternoon, the Hyde Wolfpack will host our second home meet and anticipate support from both family and friends!