Tough Loss for Phoenix Tennis to Gould, 4-1

Hyde School                       1

Gould Academy               4

Gould Academy traveled to Bath to play a match in the Joseph W. Gauld Sports Center.  The singles matches were played using the best-of-three-sets format and doubles matches played 8-game pro-sets.

1st singles(loss)

Burke Riley                         1              0

Benji Page                          6              6

2nd singles(loss)

Stefan El Base                   2              6              1

Jasper Adam                      6              4              6             

3rd Singles(win)

Wyatt Lichtenger             6             6

Brooks Layman                 0              2

1st Doubles(loss)

Ben Mooney, Nate Smith                             2             

Alvaro Moses, Lucien Sullaway                 8

2nd Doubles(loss)

Richard Liu, Elliot Wang                                  4

Joe Cawthon, Ben Higgins                           8



Burke Riley`15 had difficulty finding his grove against a skilled and consistent opponent, losing 1-6. 0-6.  Stefan El Base`15 took nearly an entire set to acclimate to his opponent’s big serve.  He started gaining traction late in the set, but lost it 2-6.  He pushed himself hard in the second set, clawing his way back to win the set 6-4.  He had momentum going into the third and deciding set, but suffered an unfortunate calf cramp when the score was 1-1.  He came off briefly for treatment and was able to return, but not in top form.  He demonstrated grit and finished the set, but fell to his opponent.  A commendable effort non the less.  Wyatt Lichtenger`14 continued his winning ways and handled his opponent with aplomb, beating him 6-0, 6-2.  Ben Mooney`16 and Nate Smith`15 fell behind early in their short 8-game pro-set.  They had some close games, but fell to their counterparts 2-8.  Elliot Wang`14 and Richard Liu`14 were within a game of their opponents for the first half of their match, but lost the last three games for a 4-8 result.  Our next match is Saturday May 3rd at home against Kents Hill School.