Well Prepared: A Hyde Grad at West Point

1524627_10151912842457153_2056141833_nAs a “plebe” at the United States Military Academy at West Point, Craig Bartlett (known as Scott), Hyde-Bath Class of 2012, is spending his first year as a cadet “focusing on leader development in the academic, military and physical domains.”  According to Scott, his two years at Hyde prepared him very well for the discipline and rigor West Point is renowned for and notes that, like his Hyde teachers, his West Point instructors expect only the very best from him and constantly push him.

“The two schools share similar values, so I already had the leader mindset in place, thanks to Hyde,” Scott says.

Like Hyde, West Point has a demanding schedule, one that includes a 6:00 AM wake-up, followed by Breakfast Formation, morning classes, Lunch Formation, homework time, afternoon classes, mandatory sports or Commanders Training Time, Dinner Formation, evening study and Taps at 11:30 PM.

A native of Shelburne, VT, Scott says that since the events of 9/11, he has always wanted to serve in the military and seriously started to pursue West Point in his senior year.  The application process, he notes, is almost as arduous as being there and includes not only the typical high-achieving academic requirements, but also a physical fitness test, security clearance, an interview with a federal agent and sponsorship by a member of Congress or the House.

When he first learned he was accepted, Scott was an ROTC candidate at the University of Vermont but didn’t have to think twice about his decision to leave. “I had worked so hard and for so long for this opportunity and nothing was going to stop me from being a Cadet. It is a privilege to be here.”

Cadet Private Bartlett is slated to graduate in 2017.