Phoenix Tennis Wins vs Wolfpack in Sister School Matchup

Hyde School Maine   5
 Hyde School Connecticut  2

The Wolfpack from Hyde School in Woodstock Connecticut traveled to Bath yesterday to play a match in the Joseph W. Gauld Sports Center.  All of the matches were played using the best-of-three-sets format with the exception of 4th singles and 3rd doubles which played 8-game pro-sets.

1st singles(win)

Burke Riley                        6(5-7)      6              6

Kevin Ge                             7              2              0


2nd singles(win)

Stefan El Base                   6              6

Evan Abate                         0              0


3rd Singles(win)

Wyatt Lichtenger             6              6

Justin Ashkin                      0              0


4th Singles(win)

Richard Liu                          9(7-3)

James Howard                  8


1st Doubles(win)

Ben Mooney, Nate Smith            6              6

Aaron Cao, Richard Tang               4              3


2nd Doubles(loss)

Daniel Kong, Elliot Wang               7              2              3

Liam Gorey, Kaden Daras             5              6              6


3rd Doubles(loss)

Oliver Wang, Daniel Kong             4

Clement Hong, King Jin                8



Burke Riley`15 started his match slowly at first singles.  He lost the first set in a tie-breaker (5-7).  However, after making a few adjustments to his approach, he turned the tables on his opponent and took the next two sets with ease, 6-2, 6-0 for the win.  Both Stefan El Base`15 and Wyatt Lichtenger`14 “double bageled” their wolfpack counterparts 6-0,6-0, each earning a point for the team.  Richard Liu`14 had an exciting match at 4th singles.  He started the 8 game pro-set match ahead in games 5-2.  However, his opponent scratched his way back even and briefly took the lead.  Richard was having none of it however, and tied the game forcing a tiebreaker that he won 7-3.  Ben Mooney`16 and Nate Smith`15 won their match at first doubles.  They used a combination of strong serve consistency and solid net-play to control the match.  Daniel Kong`16 and Elliot Wang`14 won the first set 7-5, but struggled with unforced errors and communication, resulting in them dropping the next two 2-6,3-6.  An 8-game pro-set was played at 3rd doubles.  Freshman Oliver Wang`17 made is tennis debut with partner Daniel Kong`16.  They played better than the score might suggest, having a couple of games go to deuce that they failed to convert.  In spite of their strong effort they fell 4-8.  It was a great afternoon of tennis for the two schools.  Many of the matc