GLAX Lady Phoenix Takes Flight vs Hyde-CT Wolfpack

GLAX Lady Phoenix Takes Flight




Delayed gratification is an idea that is often spoken about by Coach Truluck during strenuous practices in which the girls of Hyde lacrosse are practicing and preparing a complex play or strategy to be used in an upcoming game.  It is an idea that requires mental, as well as physical, fortitude and perseverance. This past Thursday’s game against Hyde Woodstock was one that absolutely demonstrated the culmination of the work put in by these female athletes over the course of the past two months.  The team had an air of synergy that was previously unmatched, and competed against their rival campus with both class and grit.  Below is a breakdown of what was an overall extremely well-played game by a group of young athletes striving to come together as a team, in every sense of the word.


Goals:                                                                   Goalie Saves:                                    Ground Ball Control:

Emma Levensohn ’17: 7                                Diamond Brown ’16: 10                 Susanna McManus ’14: 7

Carolyn Moore ’14: 2                                                                                                      Emma Levensohn ’17: 4

Cailin Darling ’14: 2                                                                                                           Olivia Griffing ’14: 4

Olivia Griffing ’14: 2                                                                                                         Avery Booth ’15: 4

Susanna McManus ’14: 1                                                                                              Gigi Chen ’15: 3

Jillian Tolman ’15: 1


Upcoming Match: MONDAY APRIL 21st at 4pm vs. Fryeburg Academy at Hyde