Phoenix Tennis Wins 4-1 vs Hebron

Hyde School                  4
Hebron Academy            1

Hebron Academy traveled to Bath to play the first MASAID match of the season in the Joseph W. Gauld Athletic Center.

First Singles (win)

               Stefan El Base                6              6             

                Greg Labbe                        4              0

Second Singles(win)

Wyatt Lichtenger          7(7-4)      6

Lorenzo Puopolo              6              4

Third Singles(loss)

Nate Smith                          0              0

                Olivier Freuette           6              6

1st Doubles(win)

Ben Mooney, Luke Brawley                                    6              5              (7-4)3rd set tiebreak

Shawn Cameron, Estaban Puig Arguinano              4            7

2nd Doubles(win)

Elliot Wang, Richard Liu          7(8-6)      6

Des Horowitz, Yipeng Shan           6              3


Stefan El Base`15 played well at first singles.  He started slow, but midway through the match started to dominate play and won the first set 6-4.  Having momentum going into the second set, he cemented the win blanking his opponent 6-0.  Wyatt Lichtenger`14 played a long two set match against his Lumberjack opponent.  His first set was  very tight.  He was down 4-5 midway through, but won the next game to make it 5-5.  He followed by taking the next game to go up 6-5.   However, his opponent came back to tie it 6-6 and force the tiebreaker, which Wyatt won handily 7-1.  In the second set he started ahead, but at 5-3 his opponent broke his serve to make it 5-4.  He, in turn, broke his opponent and won the next game to win the set 6-4, and earn a point for the team by winning the match.  Nate Smith`15, normally a doubles player, struggled to find his stride at third singles. Though he had some long rallies and won points during his games, he came away with a 0-6, 0-6 loss.  Ben Mooney`16 and Luke Brawley`15 started their match strong, taking the first set 6-4.  However, their opponents came back to win the second set 7-5.  Due to the fact that Hyde had already sealed the win prior to the start of their third set, they elected to play a tiebreaker in place of a third set. This they won 7-4.  Elliot Wang`14 and Richard Liu`14 had a great match at second doubles.  The first set went to a tiebreaker that they won 8-6.  The two seniors came out in the second set and won easily 6-3.  All in all, a strong showing.  Our next match is against a very skilled team; Kents Hill School, away at 2pm.