Wolfpack JV Boys Lax vs Portsmouth Abbey

April 5th

 Hyde – 1

Portsmouth Abbey  – 7

On Saturday the Boys traveled to Portsmouth Abbey for their opening game. Last year’s team could not play to Abbey’s level and were thoroughly beaten. This year’s team wanted to prove that they could compete.

For many of the players this was their first time on a full sized field and much of the game would be on the job training. Portsmouth Abbey took possession of the ball off the face and charged down field, but junior goalie Paul Randall stopped them cold and the team scooped up the ball and marched down field to threaten a goal. For the next 8 minutes the game see-sawed between both ends of the field. Portsmouth Abbey eventually created a break and got a ball past Paul Randal. The team quickly shook it off and resumed competitive play. Portsmouth Abbey scored 3 more times before Matt Feingold connected with a pass from new sophomore comer Nuri Sherpa and launched one in the back of the net. At the half the score was 4 to 1 Portsmouth Abbey. The team re-grouped and took the field. The team had many opportunities with Abbey getting more penalties, the team could not capitalize. Abbey found openings in our defense and scored 3 more times, but the team never quit and played until the final horn.

After the game the team felt proud of their play, they realized tenacity and hard-work will only get them so far. They need to develop skills in order to compete with opponents. There were too many stand outs to mention. The team plays home on Friday April 11th against Avon Old Farms at 4:00.