Growth and Grit for Hyde Phoenix GLAX vs. Waynflete



“Remarkable improvement”…these were the words spoken repeatedly by Coach Truluck this past Saturday afternoon after an exciting match between the Lady Phoenix and Waynflete Flyers.  Waynflete has captured the state championship for the past two seasons, and were sure to be one of the toughest opponents we would face all season. That being said, Hyde came to play and certainly rose to the occasion.  One particularly showing example of the newfound focus that the players have is there willingness and attempt at incorporating a “zone defense” after having recently learned this complex defensive strategy.  Cailin Darling ’14, Sonya Kobayashi ’14, and Carolyn Moore ’14, all did an incredible job at aggressively protecting their net, and thus providing stellar examples for many of the younger, less experienced players. Another area that clearly demonstrated growth throughout the team as a whole was the ability to transition the ball in a much more effective manner. Both Susanna McManus ‘14 as well as Jillian Tolman ’15 did an impressive job at becoming available for offensive attacks and ensuring the ball arrived in the opponent’s goal area.  Shout outs go to McManus and Moore for their aggressive drives to the net that inevitably resulted in a goal for each.

The air of improvement is apparent and things are looking very positive for this Wednesday’s game against Hebron Academy!